My monthly services include customized nutrition plans combined with attentive coaching to meet your overall health, nutrition, and fitness goals. Your personalized nutrition plan is created by evaluating your answers to my in-depth online questionnaire, in addition to any questions you answer when we chat on the phone during our initial consultation.

Costs range from $30 to $120 per month or more, depending upon what is needed for your success and at what point you are currently in your nutrition journey. These options include check-ins with me for personal accountability as well as to make any adjustments to your nutrition plan that may be warranted to meet your goals.

Is coaching just not your thing? No problem. Alternatively, I offer a one-time personalized macronutrient plan that is calculated based upon your goals. The cost for this option is $45, but it doesn’t include any coaching, check-ins, or additional guidance. If you would like to purchase additional updates to your initial calculated macronutrient plan, each additional update costs less than $30.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself: How much is your nutrition a part of your life, and how much is it worth to you? How much do you value sleep, lowering your stress levels, and developing healthy habits? These things are invaluable to your overall wellness.

Sure, maybe you pay only $15 or even $150 or more for your gym membership each month, but that’s for only one 45-90 minute workout a day — however, eating, sleeping, and (unfortunately) stress are a part of your life for the other 23 hours each day.  So, how are you spending those other 23 hours? What is life-long wellness worth to you?

Contact me for any additional information and to schedule a free 15-30-minute consultation. I would love to chat to see if we’re a perfect fit.