“There have been days when I’ve said “f it” and days when I’ve driven everyone crazy, mostly myself, with tracking. This whole journey [is] to change the way I view food and still enjoy eating what I want because that’s the whole point! I’ve learned the best way to fuel my body to feel my best and perform at 100%… I’ve PR’d basically every lift and consistently move faster with body weight movements. So here’s to 2017, getting stronger, and leaner, and a HUGE thank you to Jen [who] has been unbelievably awesome and supportive.”

-Dana K.

“In a short time I’m finding counting macros “flexible eating” to be a game changer. I have the energy of a squirrel on RedBull and losing winter fat faster than I thought possible. Big thanks to the coach @shifthumanperformance for taking us on.”

-Jeff B.