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To get to your goals feels a lot like climbing a mountain like Meru — I’m here to guide you along your journey to the summit.

I’m different than most nutrition coaches because I work to help you make healthful nutrition a lifestyle, not a quick-fix, even for busy people — like you — who feel like they don’t have the time or energy to focus on themselves.

Ask yourself: What’s your Meru?  What can you shift in your life to make the desired changes?

The Shift Human Performance & Meru Wellness Philosophy

Have you found yourself dieting for the past several months or years, and you’re just tired of it? Do you ever feel guilty after eating a certain food? Do you feel like you can’t make much progress towards your goals? Are you constantly on the “diet rollercoaster” and unable to find something sustainable?

You’re not alone.

I abandon the use of “cheat,” “clean,” “good,” and “bad” when it comes to describing food. Food is meant to be beautiful and delicious fuel, without feelings of guilt or shame attached to it. It’s meant to be something you can freely share with your loved ones and friends, because humans are meant to be social creatures — we’re meant to connect.

I prefer to teach you how to have a flexible approach to food, so no foods are off-limits. Since you won’t be deprived of eating what you want, you may find that you’ll no longer make yourself feel guilty for eating what you enjoy eating or get off the yo-yo diet ups and downs.

With my guidance, you’ll focus on portion control, moderation, and finding balance, while also fueling yourself and sustaining yourself through self-care to meet your goals.

I work to empower you to make lasting changes in your habits and overall relationship with food, so you can be self-sufficient and navigate your nutrition on your own. I do this by incorporating a new “mini habit” as a focus every few weeks, and these series of habits build upon one another until a more solid foundation of self-care is established.

Small steps are what create giant leaps in terms of progress. The journey in making nutrition a lifestyle is unique to each of us since we come to the table with a variety of food baggage. I can help you make sense of it all along the way.

About the Founder, Jen Kates

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First of all, you won’t be alone in this journey.

Nutrition and mindfulness are passions of mine, and nothing brings me more joy than to guide busy people to meet their goals. With over 22 years of experience in meditation, I work to blend mindfulness and stress management skills with my clients, and I’ll work with you to help find a stress management practice that works best for you – whatever that looks like. Mindfulness also helps you to build a healthier relationship with food.

I know what it’s like to stress eat my way through a pack of Oreos, because I’ve been there before. I also know what it’s like to make permanent habit changes in order to see results and surpass goals and expectations, and I know how to make others equally successful. Let me guide you on this journey to incredible health and vibrant living. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Certified Health Coach (American Council on Exercise)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Graduate-level Public Health coursework at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (2006-2008) and a BA from UNC-Greensboro
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor & Programmer
  • Regularly attend webinars and trainings taught by various experts in nutrition, metabolism, fitness, habits, change psychology, mindfulness, and hormones
  • Additional certifications currently in progress:
    • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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My monthly services include customized nutrition plans combined with attentive coaching to meet your overall health, nutrition, and fitness goals. Your personalized nutrition plan is created by evaluating your answers to our in-depth online questionnaire, in addition to any questions you answer when we chat on the phone during our initial consultation.

Costs average around $160-$175 every 4 weeks, depending upon what is needed for your success. These options include weekly check-ins with me for accountability as well as to make any adjustments to your nutrition plan to meet your goals.

I offer a variety of nutrition programs, from counting macros to using other methods for portion control and intuitive eating — which one you follow depends on your goals and where you are currently on your health journey.

Every coaching plan includes the following:

  • Access to our online Facebook community for added support
  • An e-book that explains nutrition and what to expect during our time together
  • An email education series that will educate you on a variety of nutrition and mindfulness topics
  • A custom nutrition plan, with regular email check-ins and updates to your plan
  • An easily sharable tool to track your progress via an app
  • A 30-minute video/phone chat before you get started to set you up for success
  • An additional 30-minute video/phone chat in the first 2-3 weeks of your coaching plan to further help with your success
  • New mini habits to focus on every 2-3 weeks for life-long success

Is individual coaching just not your thing? No problem! Alternatively, I offer a one-time personalized nutrition consult and guidance that is calculated based upon your goals. The cost for this option is $120, but it doesn’t include any coaching, check-ins, or additional guidance. Additional updates to your initial nutrition plan are also available for a nominal fee.

Ask yourself: How much is your nutrition a part of your life, and how much is it worth to you? How much do you value sleep, lowering your stress levels, and developing healthy habits? These things are invaluable to your overall health.

Sure, you may pay for your gym membership, but that’s only for one workout a day — however, eating, sleeping, and (unfortunately) stress are a part of your life for the other 23 hours each day. How are you spending those other 23 hours?

What is life-long wellness worth to you?

Contact me for additional information and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. I would love to chat to see if we’re a perfect fit.



“There have been days when I’ve said “f it” and days when I’ve driven everyone crazy, mostly myself, with tracking. This whole journey [is] to change the way I view food and still enjoy eating what I want because that’s the whole point! I’ve learned the best way to fuel my body to feel my best and perform at 100%… I’ve PR’d basically every lift and consistently move faster with body weight movements. So here’s to 2017, getting stronger, and leaner, and a HUGE thank you to Jen [who] has been unbelievably awesome and supportive.”

-Dana K.

“In a short time I’m finding counting macros “flexible eating” to be a game changer. I have the energy of a squirrel on RedBull and losing winter fat faster than I thought possible. Big thanks to the coach @shifthumanperformance for taking us on.”

-Jeff B.


Interested in working with me? Drop me a line, and I will be in touch shortly.




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